AWS Continues to Improve Practices

Cladding is an evolving industry that consistently makes new advances in design and practices. As engineers, we must continue to grow our knowledge to have the skillset to ensure our methods follow the most up to date codes. Across the industry, glazing contractors and aluminum designers have started following the standards set in the 2015 version of the Aluminum Design Manual. The team has been hard at work updating our procedures to meet these new design criteria. This has been a challenging task, but we are confident that implementing this new code into our calculations will result in a much more robust package for our clients, while still maintaining efficiency.

Previous versions of the ADM required the design engineer to determine a mullion’s specification. Then, the engineer would evaluate the mullion’s gross section properties against those criteria. ADM 2015, however, requires a much more finite approach. Rather than assessing the entire shape as a whole, ADM 2015 focuses on specific elements of the mullion and checks each for failure. By diving deep into the new manual, we can assess what is relevant to our work and how we can make assumptions to significantly cut down on the number of checks that need to be completed.

We are always searching for new ways to give our clients the best results possible, and this research will prove to be extremely valuable in the coming months. We are excited to share with you our findings and to continue to improve our practices for everyone’s benefit.


-Matt Saustad, October 2019