Structural Engineering

Structural Design and Analysis is provided in accordance with defined design parameters, project specifications, and accepted industry standards. Areas of expertise include:

Blast Analysis of Glazing Assemblies

by dynamic SDOF and/or static equipment methods.

Code Evaluation

for the determination of applicable wind and seismic design forces, as well as the interpretation of inter-story drift requirements.

Inserts and Embeds

design with non-linear deflection and membrane stress analysis.

Curtainwall Framing

and associated anchorage/support assemblies

Structural Steel

utilized in the support of glazing assemblies.

Specialty Product

design for skylights, sunscreens, and canopy applications.

Light Gage Metal

framing for the support of window wall systems, metal panels and natural stone.

Natural Stone

design with safety factor evaluation, anchorage review and finite element modeling.


design for monolithic, igu and laminated main plates, psg bracket assemblies, glass floors, handrail/guardrails.