About Us

Integrity and excellence…

These 2 qualities have been around since January 1986. And within this organization continue to be handed down to the generations of engineers that have entered the doors at AWS.

Our Vision…

  • It is important for us to realize we are consistently building a team and a future – One that will provide stability, growth and abundance for ourselves, our clients and our families.
  • We recognize that we are beyond average and are bold enough to share our knowledge and talents out of love for what we do, and respect for our clients and ourselves.

What we do…

  • Our business serves those in need of design solutions within the facade industry or to any others who may approach. We strive to fulfill their desire to attain an end result that is an economical and feasible design solution.
  • We deliver this by identifying and integrating their means and methods, and establishing a personal relationship and good will with all those we contact.


  • We achieve our vision by attracting appreciative clients who truly value excellence, competence, optimism and integrity.
  • We achieve our vision by attracting loyal, hardworking, dependable, willing and respectful team members, who seek friendship, happiness, respect and growth.
  • We achieve our vision by contributing our resources, tools and knowledge to our work community so they can achieve excellence and abundance as well.

In Return…

  • In return, we receive pride through our client’s success as well as our own.
  • In return, we are recognized for competence and the quality of our work.
  • In return, we receive genuine happiness for being part of their team.


Our History

Exceeding 25 Years of Excellence

In January 1986, Kevin McClintick, P.E. with foundation in structural engineering and cladding design set out to establish Quality People, Products and Services. Engineering tailored in line with customer needs was the goal. Architectural Wall Systems, Inc. has been successful in this pursuit in excess of 25 years and continues to provide a unique level of engineering, design and consulting support within the architectural wall industry.


Combining 35 years of design experience with a select team of engineering professionals, AWS strives to maintain a philosophy of “design excellence and professionalism” with each project we undertake. Each member of our staff recognizes the importance in supplying services which are cost effective and provides the client with an end product that is accurate, complete and readily usable. Architectural Wall Systems provides a one-on-one experience that focuses on timely response and personalized attention for each and every project.


Our Philosophy

AWS strives to provide a performance level that is unequaled in the industry and serves as a key to the success of our client, our company, and ourselves. Our individual approach is as a dedicated employee looking out for the best interests of our client. We hold client relationships with the utmost importance on a business as well as a personal level. Effective communication is recognized as a necessity. Keeping our clients aware of our progress allows two party input and proper direction to maximize efficiency. Efficient and cost effective design is tailored to each of our client’s requirements and expertise. Our engineering submittal packages provide the client with an information source that allows the reviewer to fully understand the approach and application.

“Architectural Wall System’s attention to detail and focus on the situations encountered, as well as their expedient service, were particularly critical to the successful completion of the Luxor Hotel and Casino – a complex, mega-sized project with a crunch schedule.” -Waltek